Here are a couple of small, quick studies I took from some old photographs. I'm planning a full sized painting based on the first one... eventually. … [Read more]

The Fiddler

  This isn't one of my favorites. The background went a little muddier than I intended, and the figure feels ¬†isolated from it. I don't hate it, but I might give it another go at some point. … [Read more]

Man with Dogs

This photo is a little on the dark side, but it'll have to do for today. It's raining this week, and I stumbled across this old photograph of a brick of a man and his dogs by a cabin somewhere in the American wilds, so I went for it. His face was … [Read more]

Snowy Cabin with a Girl

Hong Kong is very warm, and Japan hasn't had any snow yet this season either in my area. I go through this every year. There's just something about the snow I love, and when I don't have it for a year or two, I really miss it. … [Read more]

Happy Holidays! Be Back Next Year!

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you're able to spend time in peace with friends and loved ones, enjoying each other's company and the sweet experiences life gives us when we remember the meaning and the love of this holiday … [Read more]